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Founders of Ames iPhone Repair & More

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Previous Owner Whom Founded the Company:

"Hello, my name is Andrew and I founded Ames iPhone Repair in February, 2012. I am currently a student at Iowa State University studying mechanical engineering.

In 2011, I went to Scotland to visit my family. During that time, the power button on my iPhone 3GS broke. The fastest repair option at the time was to take it to a third party repair shop. They charged me about $120 to fix it. After returning to the states a month later, the power button stopped responding again. This time, the nearest repair shop was over 120 miles away. After ordering some parts off the internet, and carefully following a repair guide, I managed to fix the phone, and to this day it still works.

That was when I decided to open up a repair shop of my own in Ames. I wanted to set up a store with honest and fair prices that was local and easy to deal with. After months of planning and preparation, I opened my store for business in February 2012, and have worked hard to make my business the first place to go to when you are having problems with your iPhone or iPod touch.

Since opening, I have expanded my business services to include iPhone/iPod Touch accessories, jail breaking and customizations, and computer upgrades, with more business services on the way. Like the Facbeook page, and stay tuned with the latest news of my company.

Upon, August of 2013, Andrew relinquished the Business to me (Mitchell Bennett) and I became the Primary Owner of Ames iPhone Repair. At that point, I decided to make a few changes to grow the business and make a change in the business to make it better than ever by first changing its' name to Ames iPhone Repair & More. Then, acquired a few locations because previous Andrew hard been running the small business out of his home, which was wonderful because it serviced the Ames Community and kept the residents happy. But, I still felt it needed a change. At that point, After much change and trials as well the tribulations I finally found the perfect location. Where its' actual location still resides at 113 Main Street Ames, Iowa 50010.""

My Story

Although, it was a transition from Andrew and I to acquire the company. I come from a long history of technology. I have been in the wireless world for at least 8 years. Franchising an accessory stand, Cellairis. Where you buy and sell accessories wholesale in this very town of Ames, at North Grand Mall. Also, I've opened and Managed the Boost Mobile store that still resides in this town as well. I've worked at Spring Mobile (AT&T). Gained a lot of experience throughout the years, my professionalism has always been at it's peak no matter which pursuit I was at. Also, I am very friendly and love being on a one on one level with people and making sure they are happy, because at the end of the day in a business without them there is no business. That's part of my foundation and ethic of my business model. I am proud to say I am a business owner in Ames, Iowa. Can't wait to have more locations and show them how it's done! Furthermore, there's nothing more satisfying than making someone happy personally. I get some type of joy or satisfaction out of that. To be able to help people, It's like being a Superhero. Actually, I do call myself Superman. Saving one person at a time, and making a difference in some ones life. It can be quite rewarding. I had a woman come into my store mad as can be and sad at the same time. I believe her name was Macy. By the end, of the 15 minutes it took for her phone to get repaired, after good conversation, she left happy and satisfied and she considered us to be friends. That type of situation to me, are what makes the day for someone! -- If you ever read this, Thank you for giving me the pleasure to resolve your issue!

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